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Xobni your inbox!

Does your email inbox confuse and frighten you because of its sheer size? Then a new plugin from Xobni may be the answer.

This little tip is going to show you how to download and use Xobni, which is a plugin for Outlook that promises to organize your bursting email in-box into a more pleasurable experience.  We’ve all experienced despair when trying to find a contact in Outlook, only to spend 20 minutes to half an hour battling the search bar. Well despair no more! Xobni boasts a speedy search function that is a vast improvement on Outlook’s own.

Everything about your email contacts that had once been lost in the ether of your old messages are rescued in the form of Contact Management, which allows you to browse all of your contacts easily and quickly remind yourself what you said and sent to them.

Being fully integrated with social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter among others, you’ll be able to keep track of anyone you’ve ever emailed, check what they’re up to and maintain them as a contact.

Just pop along to their website [1] and register an interest, I received an invitation to download the software within a couple of hours, so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

xobni_1 [2]

Once registered, simply download the software, wait for it to index your contacts in Outlook and then enjoy a far more pleasurable electronic correspondence experience!

xobni_2 [3]

You may have to point certain email contacts at the correct social networking profiles. Simply choose a contact’s email and then click a social network on the Xobni toolbar. Apart from that, it’s pretty automatic in its ability to build contact lists.

xobni_8 [4]

~Matthew McGuire