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XP – Don’t Shoot The Messenger

So I get a lot of letters about the end of security support for Windows XP that are similar to this one from Tex:

Your website seems to have an obsession with trying to get people off XP, almost as if you have stock in MackerelSoft. The End of support Panic articles are comical almost beyond belief. I run XP SP2 Home 2002 version. NO updates, patches etc. Autoupdate turned OFF. MackerelSoft is sorry they ever let SP2 get in the hands of consumers. I’ve been running it for about 8 years and have no intention of upgrading. How much stock DO you and Steve have in EmEsss?

 I would like to point out it’s not just me sounding the XP warning. And if you want to keep XP, that’s certainly your choice. As I’ve said, it’s a lot like leaving your doors unlocked when you know there are thieves prowling the neighborhood who know you don’t have locks.  My great-uncle once went to Florida for two years and left his house in Kentucky unlocked in case anyone in the family needed to get in. Nothing was stolen. But it’s not something I’d recommend.

For the more cautious among us – learn more about the end of XP support here. [1]

~ Cynthia