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XP Hold-Out – What Are My Options?

Jim from New Jersey writes:

I’m one of the XP hold-outs: I am not willing to upgrade $400 for a modern computer for downloading emails and basic web browsing.

My computer is somewhat limited and probably won’t tolerate the upgrade to the next Windows version. What options do I have?

First of all Jim, I’d check out this article to learn about the tools Microsoft offers [1] to help you see if your computer is up to an upgrade.

You’re right, $400 in awful lot of money to spend for basic web browsing and e-mail. If that’s all you want out of a computer, may I suggest you consider switching to a tablet?

A good basic Android tablet will more than meet your e-mail and web-browsing needs. We’ve offered several models here for around the $100 mark. You can certainly find a nice one for less than $200. There’s also the option of an iPad, but the iPad Mini starts around the $300 mark and the larger models will run you as much as a good laptop. If you’d like to stick with Windows, there are Windows tablets starting at less than $200. You could also pickup a Chromebook laptop for around the $250 mark.

~ Cynthia