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XP SP3 is Available!

XP SP3 is Available!

Wow, last week was a really confusing time for me. As you may recall, I wrote a tip letting you all know that Microsoft had delayed the release of the new Windows XP Service Pack 3, which was supposed to be available on April 29, 2008. Well, the very next day, I received the SP3 update in my Windows Updates and several of you e-mailed to let me know you did too. Talk about a whirlwind! I felt bad for giving you incorrect information, but it really ended up being Microsoft who moved ahead without making a proper announcement. Oy vey!

But as far as I can see, everything is back to normal now. Yep, you can now download the XP SP3 through either the Windows Updates or on the Microsoft Download Center Web site here. I’m sure a lot of you have already gotten it through your Windows Updates and that’s great if you have! Gary, our tech support guru, even downloaded it last week and he said it’s working great. He has had no problems with it whatsoever!

So, again, if you haven’t downloaded the new SP3 yet, you might as well get to it. It’s not really coming with any major new features, but it’s still a good idea to keep your system as up to date as possible. Plus, the SP3 will give your system more reliability and security, so why pass that up? If you’d like to learn more about what is new with the XP SP3, make sure you keep reading today’s newsletter, because there’s a whole rundown for you in the Q&A tip below. Other than that, everything seems to be running very smoothly!

~ Erin