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XP Syspad

XP Syspad

One area where I thought Windows XP could use improvement was in the way the various utilities and monitors were laid out. It just seems to me that Microsoft could have possibly made more of an effort to centralize all the administrative and system tools in one easy to find location. Instead, you almost feel like Microsoft is hiding things from you by making you search through your system like it’s some sort of scavenger hunt. For all intents and purposes, you are probably the administrator of this system (possibly even a small network), and I’m sure you have better things to do than poke around your Windows system looking for those necessary, yet elusive, settings.

Well, apparently I’m not the only one that feels this way. A programmer at Xtort.net has credited a program called XP Syspad and it centrally organizes various administrative tools into one easy to use program. With XP Syspad, all you have to do is open up one program and you have access to literally hundreds of system tools.

You can easily monitor individual running processes, make Web queries, launch programs and even get your Windows License Key. With over 250 functions, there’s little you can’t do with XP Syspad. Here’s a list of some of the things this program offers:

Well, is that enough to help you manage your system? If it isn’t, I don’t know of anything better for free that will make it any easier. The Windows XP Syspad is really a fantastic program and if you think you could benefit from its use, I strongly encourage you to download it and give it a try. The program is small. It doesn’t install anything in the registry and it uninstalls very easily, so there is nothing to fear. One more thing: XP Syspad has also posted some download awards on their site that have been presented to them by other prestigious tech based Web sites. And, I think it deserved every one of them!

System Requirements:

1. W2K/XP
2. 64 MB RAM
3. 386 +
4. Mouse
5. >500 kb space

You can download XP Syspad here.

Until next week, I hope you enjoy.

~ Chad Stelnicki