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Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers

Do you know Radio Shack’s slogan, “You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers”? Well, that basically sums up today’s tip, which is about a Web site called Yahoo! Answers. Obviously, there are always going to be some questions that a search engine can’t answer. Maybe you want an opinion or want to ask someone with more expertise on a certain subject. That is where Yahoo! Answers comes in handy.

It is a community driven Web site in which users can virtually ask any question and even answer some of the questions as well. Your “reward” for answering questions are points. The points can’t be traded in for anything, but they show how helpful you have been and can help you unlock features on Yahoo! Answers. Are you interested? I thought you might be! Let’s take a look.

To begin, you have to have a Yahoo! ID. If you use any other Yahoo! services, such as Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Finance, you already have one. If you don’t, you can get one by clicking here.

After you have a Yahoo! ID, surf to http://www.answers.yahoo.com. You’ll be greeted by a homepage that looks similar to this:

Ask a Question

1. Begin by clicking the Get Started link on the left side of the page.

2. Now, sign in by typing in your Yahoo! ID and password.

3. Next, you will see an overview of your Yahoo! Answer history.

4. To ask a question, click the Ask button at the top of the page.

5. On the next page that appears, type in the name of the question and a description. Then click Next.

6. Now, pick a category for your question and click Preview.

7. Check over your question and if you are satisfied with it, click Submit. To make any changes to your question, just click Edit.

8. Now, your question has been posted and users can now post answers to it.

9. It is also the responsibility of the asker to choose the best answer of all the answers that users have posted. The user will receive 10 points for writing the best answer.

Choosing the Best Answer

1. Go back to the question that you asked. To do so, scroll down the overview page that appears when you log in and select My Questions and select your question below.

2. When your question appears, scroll down and find the answer you like best. Click the button that says Choose as Best Answer.

3. Now, rate the answer on a scale of one to five stars and type any comments in that you would like to give the user. When you’re done, click OK.

Sharing Your Own Expertise

1. Find a question you would like to answer. You can do that by picking a category on the left side of the page and picking a question on the right side.

2. Select Answer This Question.

3. Now, type in your answer. Yahoo! Answers will also ask you if you want to list your sources, which is optional.

4. Press Preview. If you are satisfied with your answer, press Submit. If you wish to change it, press Edit.

There you go! That’s just a small preview of what Yahoo! Answers can do for you. There are so many more features you can explore for yourself in Yahoo! Answers, so you better get started! It’s just a simple way to get the answers you need and fast! I hoped you enjoyed this tip!

~ Neil Patel