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Yahoo! Messenger Files

Yahoo! Messenger Files

Instant messaging is a common method that millions of people use today to communicate with their family and friends. Along with chatting, most of us like to send files and photos to each other. One of the most convenient ways to send and receive files is offered by Yahoo! Messenger. A variety of files, including Word documents, pictures, music files and video clips can be sent over Yahoo’s! instant messenger. In addition, there is a unique feature called Photo Sharing that enables both users to share and save photos with one another. Both of these options have made instant messaging more effective and enjoyable for everyone!

Picture this: You are chatting with one of your friends online when they want you to send them a particular file. Instead of having to open and send an e-mail with that attachment, Yahoo! Messenger enables you to send that file right then and there. Right during the conversation!

At the top of the instant message box (of the person you are chatting with), you will see a toolbar that has a button with a picture icon next to it that reads “Send File.” By clicking on this button, a window will pop up that allows you to browse through your files until you find your desired one. With another click of your mouse, the work is done!

Once the file has been selected, it is sent to the receiver. Depending on the size and type of the file, length times will vary from case to case. This also has to do with the type of Internet connection both users have.

Note: Another way to access the “Send File” feature is to go to the Actions menu located at the top of the instant message box. Once there, scroll down to where it reads “Send a File.” These two locations lead to the exact same outcome.

Another interesting and neat feature that comes with Yahoo! Messenger is called Photo Sharing. Instead of having to send photographs one by one to another person, this program offers something that lets you share a great number of photos. And here’s the best part: both people can add and save each other’s photos at the same time, in the same window! This time, instead of clicking on the Send File icon, the Photos icon will invite the other user to begin Photo Sharing.

Once the receiver of this invitation accepts the offer, Photo Sharing will be activated.

The process following this is also straightforward. Simply click on Add to add a photo (one at a time) and browse your files for the picture(s) you want to add. If your buddy adds a photo that you also wish to save on your own computer, select Save As at the bottom of the screen for each photo you want saved. Then select where you want the picture saved and you’re done!

Sharing files and photos with friends and family has once again been achieved at the click of a mouse. Have fun!

~ Sheida