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Yahoo! Voice

Yahoo! Voice

The following article will show you how to start up and use a voice conversation with Yahoo! Messenger. Sound interesting? Then read on!

Yahoo! Messenger is one of the most common programs used for instant messaging these days. It is a remarkably easy way to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers and other people who are near, as well as those across the globe. These text conversations serve as a convenient way to contact people you know. And I can’t stop there. It gets even better. With the voice feature Yahoo! Messenger offers, you can talk to a friend just as you would on a telephone, except it’s through your computer microphone! It makes chatting and conversing a much better and more enjoyable experience.

In order to use the voice feature that Yahoo! offers, you must have a microphone attached to your computer (or if your computer already has one installed, you have even less to worry about!) To get started on this, open up your Yahoo! Messenger so you see all your buddies. Then just click on a buddy’s name to start a conversation with them. The instant message box will open up and you will see several options listed in this window. On the most recent version of Yahoo! Messenger, the first option in the top left hand corner will read Call, with a phone icon next to it. By clicking on this, you will call the other person through your computer.

Remember: In order for this to work, the other person has to be online and have their microphone set up as well. Otherwise, the two way conversation can’t start.

So, what if you want to talk to more than one person at once? That’s absolutely no problem!

Yahoo! Messenger has another option that places the user and his/her chosen buddies in a conference room. By clicking on the Conference option, which is the last icon located at the top of the instant message box, you can select which online friends you want to invite. The voice option will then immediately be enabled.

Do make sure the box is checked to enable a voice conversation, as shown below.

This way, two or more people are able to have a voice conversation at the same time. Keeping in touch with your friends has never been any better than this! Don’t you agree?!

Also, if you would like to use this feature, but don’t have Yahoo! Messenger, you can download it onto your computer here. Now, go get started!

~ Sheida