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Yarn Yardage Estimator

I really love when I find a handy tool that I can pass on to all of you. This summer I made it a goal to learn to knit, and I accomplished it. I am now quite addicted to knitting. It is such a great way to unwind, and let all the stress of my day go.

I really want to tackle making a sweater, but I’ve been uncertain of just how much yarn I would need. The instructor of the knitting classes I signed up for mentioned that there was a great calculator online at the Knitting Fool to help knitter’s figure out how much yardage they’d need for a project. So, I immediately went in search of it and I am happy to report that it is an awesome calculator.

You might be wondering why you need to know the yardage of yarn you’ll need beforehand. The reason that knitters and crocheters purchase all the yarn they need for a project before getting started is to make sure that all the yarn is from the same dye lot. If you only buy half of what you need, you may end up buying what you think is the same color, or is called the same thing as the yarn you purchased, but the dye lot is different and thus the yarn color may differ from what you already bought. I’ve seen some yarns that differ dramatically from dye lot to dye lot – especially artisan hand dyed yarn.

I love that this calculator is really easy to use! You just choose the type of project you are working on from the drop down menu, your options are: Long Sleeve Pullover or Cardigan, Short Sleeve Pullover or Cardigan, and Sleeveless Pullover or Cardigan. Next you select what kind of yarn you are using from the drop down, your choices are: bulky, sport, and worsted. Then you pick the size of the project you are making, they provide baby, children, men’s, and women’s sizing. Now that you’ve made all your drop down selections, all you have to do is type in the number of yards that are in the skein of yarn you wanted to use.

So if I choose to make a long sleeve pullover or cardigan using a worsted weight yarn to make a Woman’s XL (chest measurement 44-46) and I want to make it in a worsted weight yarn that has 210 yards in a skein, the calculator will do the math for me so that I know I need to purchase six skeins of yarn. Although personally I’d probably buy seven so that I have enough yarn to do a swatch, or have waste yarn to hold my stitches.

The calculator does the math (which would take me ages to do in long hand) just about instantly which means that is time you save in planning and creating your project.If you’re a knitter, or know someone who is – bookmark or share this calculator!