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Yee-haw! Lasso Like a Computer Cowboy

Yee-haw! Lasso Like a Computer Cowboy

Have you ever noticed that you can make little “boxes” on your desktop by holding down your left mouse button and dragging diagonally? Although it can be an entertaining distraction when you’re on a boring phone call, it actually has a purpose.

Here I am, lassoing icons:


You can use the technique on your desktop to make multiple selections by “lassoing” icons. Hit the Enter key and you’ll launch all those lassoed programs at once. Be careful though. If you lasso too many programs it can take forever for your computer to get them all loaded (trust me :-)

In addition, this little trick works in both My Computer and Explorer for lassoing files. Handy if you need to open or delete multiple files.

Just one quick hint – make sure you lasso OUTSIDE of (next to) the icons. It doesn’t work if your mouse click starts ON the icon.

~ Steve