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You Don’t Have To Be Webster To Write Your Own Dictionary?

You Don’t Have To Be Webster To Write Your Own Dictionary?

Most people know about the Spell Check feature of the MS Office Suite. In fact, we (myself included) find ourselves using it constantly.

It’s a wonderful tool, provided that it’s not your only set of “eyes” proofing your document.

At any rate, have you ever had a word that you constantly use but the program keeps suggesting that it’s misspelled? (Maybe you use a lot of technical terms or proper names.)

Whatever the case, did you know that you are able to add these words to your very own custom dictionary?

Yes, that’s right.

You can have your own dictionary, and you don’t even have to change your name to Webster!

Next time you run a spell check (either by clicking the Spell Check button or Tools menu, Spelling & Grammar choice or by hitting the F7 key) and it stops on a misspelled word take a good look at your choices.

The usual is there (ignore, ignore all, change, change all, etc…) but take a closer look.

See the Add button?


If you’re absolutely sure that the word is spelled correctly, and it’s something you’ll use a lot, you may want to consider clicking the Add button.

This will put the word into your Custom Dictionary.

With the word safely placed in the Custom Dictionary, the program will stop questioning you unless you’ve actually misspelled the word.

For everyone who uses the right-click on the misspelled words (the words underlined in red) take a look in the pop up menu.

Just below the suggested spellings you should see a couple of choices, one of them being Add.


See it?

Choose this to add the word to the Custom Dictionary.

I guarantee that if you’ve got a weird last name like mine, this is the feature for you!

Give it a try. Once you try it you’ll love it!