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YouSendIt: A Cheaper Cloud Storage For Businesses And Individuals

YouSendIt as we knew it [1] has changed and changed for good. The tool was primarily built for sending a large file (not allowed as an email attachment) to anyone without any registration or software installation of any kind.


What Is YouSendIt Now?

Well, the core concept hasn’t changed. It is still all about sharing files online. However, if you are familiar with Dropbox [2], another leading file sharing and syncing service, you can now consider YouSendIt as its alternative. The service has evolved and currently provides a Windows  desktop client and apps for iPhone and iPad.


1. Plans And Pricing: The free plan offers 2GB storage with a 50MB file size limit for a single file. There is no unlimited plan for Dropbox, whereas Yousendit offers it for $14.99/month ($149.99/year). This is where the new service beats Dropbox which offers 100Gb for $19.99/month. However any file on your Yousendit account can be downloaded only a 100 times. This is something I find quite “limited” specially when Dropbox is free of any such limits. You can a take a quick look at the plans here [3].


2. Desktop Syncing: Syncing files across multiple computing environments is possible now. Clients for Windows, iPhone and iPad are currently available. The Mac client is still in the invite-only beta.

3. Share Plugin: You can share documents directly from MS Office, MS Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop etc via Yousendit. More importantly you can even use the service within Yahoo Mail. This feature is not available for Dropbox as of now.

4. Right-Click Sharing: You can share files with anyone using Yousendit Express with just a right click. Other functionalities include drag-n-drop file addition to list or Yousendit folder.


Considering the fact that Yousendit was primarily targeted towards businesses, the service has evolved into a complete file sharing solution for home users too. Yousendit is sure to benefit businesses posing as a good alternative thereby negating the age-old dependence on servers to collaborate. It also serves the purpose for the general computer users too with much desired features. Although certain basic features like folder sharing and unlimited downloads for files/folders is still unavailable for the free plan. So either you can stick to free Dropbox plan, which still is a better alternative or go for the unlimited Yousendit plan for what it is worth.

~Soumen Halder