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YouTube Navigation

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YouTube is one of the most popular sites that exist on the Internet today. It is a search engine for video clips; whether they be music videos, movies, trailers, funny videos, or a work-out tutorial—practically any video that exists can be found here! Next to Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, it is probably the most visited website out there today. In fact, you can share links from YouTube on your Myspace, Facebook, and/or Twitter profiles!

The main homepage of YouTube shows you the most popular videos being currently viewed under the heading “Videos Being Watched Now.” This is followed by “Featured Videos” and “Most Popular,” which are often very entertaining and interesting to watch.


On the heading of the YouTube webpage there are 5 Tabs located next to the Search button in which you can enter anything you wish to search for and find on the website. The first tab, “Home,” brings you back to the main page at any desired time. The second tab, “Videos,” takes you to a new page where there are several categories listed on the left-hand side. Under each category, you can select clips that are popular, the most viewed, or even a High Definition setting for big bandwidth users. These categories include Autos & Vehicles, Comedy, Music, Shows, Movies and much, much more! The options and possibilities are endless, and the category selection can enable you to find what most interests you easily!


The third tab on the YouTube page is “Shows”. This takes you to a page that is similar to that of the “Videos” page. The categories, however, are relevant to shows this time, whether they be drama, comedy, horror, sports, travel, or any other genre. These shows can be organized alphabetically by the most recent videos uploaded, the most popular shows, or based on the show’s network. YouTube’s organization makes finding videos much easier.


The fourth tab is “Channels”, which are organized based on the most subscribed to and the most viewed. Channels are streams of videos based on a single category. For instance, the Television series “Britain’s Got Talent” has its own Channel on YouTube, and it contains 122 videos dedicated to this channel alone. There are categories based on Channel genre as well to help guide you searchers!


Finally, the fifth tab is “Community.” This takes you to a page dedicated to Contests, Events, and Groups which link to further channels, videos, web pages and forums, as well. Different promotions and advertisements will be posted on this page, and you can get a glimpse upcoming events and happenings in your area!


Next time, we’ll learn how to become YouTube users and upload videos of our own onto this worldwide, popular search engine!


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