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YouTube Plans To Add Offline Viewing Feature

Popular video viewing service YouTube announced plans to make videos available to mobile users even when they don’t have an available Internet connection.

Watching a video can eat up a huge amount of data, especially if you’re using your data plan instead of  a WiFi connection.

YouTube announced on its Creators Blog that that they are launching a new feature on their mobile app that will allow people to add videos to their device for a short period of time, so they can watch the video without an Internet connection.

YouTube suggests that it will be handy for times like a morning commute, but it could also be useful for those who live in rural or mountainous areas where service can be spotty or people who work or live on basement levels.

Some reports say these videos could be available offline for up to 48 hours. Great for sitting around the campfire watching YouTube videos.

The company says it’s part of their ongoing updates to encourage more YouTube mobile viewing which include updates that allow you to keep searching while you watch a video,  play everything on a play list and play videos on your TV using your mobile device.

The new feature is expected to be available in November.

~ Cynthia