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I know I’ve covered a few weather monitoring services before, but the other day I found a more interactive and fun way of looking at your forecast.  It is called YoWindow. It’s free, and it is actually pretty fun.

When I first downloaded this program I was surprised to find how easy it was to set up. The first thing it does is ask you for your language (of course) and then your home location. Overall, the initial setup took me about 2 full minutes! Pretty simple, right?

Now to the fun part. The window that displays your weather allows you to adjust the background to any picture or wallpaper you wish. I even found a forum where other users post images for your use built right into the program! The window displays the actual weather as it is outside, all in real time. For example, if it’s raining it will show rain on the background you chose. It also shows the sun rising and setting in real time on sunny days. Below is a screen shot of the actual time and weather in Toledo, Ohio. Now I know you may be thinking: “that looks blurry” ,but that’s actually just a visual of our current conditions (I wish I could show you sunny skies)!


I also found that you can set this program as your screen saver to always keep an eye on weather conditions. The only limitations are that YoWindow will only give you a three day forecast and allow only 2 default locations. Otherwise, there’s nothing negative to say about it and I’ll continue to use it myself! Go ahead and give it a shot. I did and thought it was pretty fun.

Click here [2] to get started!