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Yumi’s Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet

Have you ever noticed that veggies can go from yum to bleck really quick if you over cook them? I have! In my experience it is textural change too. So not only does it taste gross, but now it is also some weird slimy texture.

Never fear! Now you don’t ever have to cook a vegetable wrong again! Just use Yumi’s Vegetable Cooking Cheat Sheet! To navigate the cheat sheet all you have to do is scroll down the page.

If you click on the image, it will open larger in a new window. This might be a great way to print it out too! Then you could hang it in your kitchen and reference it.

The cheat sheet provides cooking times for a variety of vegetables and cooking methods. You’ll be given cooking times for boiling, steaming, or sautéing vegetables. If there is a red x through the box that means you shouldn’t prepare that vegetable with that cooking method.

This is an awesome cheat sheet, if you don’t print it out I would recommend at least bookmarking the page!

http://thesecretyumiverse.wonderhowto.com/blog/yumis-vegetable-cooking-cheat-sheet-0127071/ [1]