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If you use Web sites to share your documents, movies, pictures and music files, you probably know what it means to have to convert files. What do I mean by converting files? Well, I mean, changing the format of a file from one to another. Certain programs only accept certain file formats. Other times, it is easier for you to have the file in a format, because that particular format compresses the file to a smaller size.

For example, if I have a .wav sound file and I need to be in an MP3 format, I would probably have to download a shareware program to do this for me. That is because I don’t have a program on my PC that allows me to open up a file and save it as an MP3. The shareware program might not convert the entire file and it will more than likely prompt me to purchase the program, even though this is the only time I want to convert from .wav to MP3.

If the program did convert the entire program, I would have to uninstall it and it might leave files behind, which would make for a slower computer for me. What a crazy dilemma for such a simple conversion! Well, now you’ll almost never have to worry about going through this puzzle again. All you need to do is visit Zamzar, which can be found here. Zamzar is a Web site that performs file format conversions online. It’s free, helpful and extremely simple to use. Let’s check it out!

My example for this tip is again, converting a .wav sound file to an MP3 format. I selected the MP3 format, because I would like to upload this sound file to Xdrive.com, which is an online backup service. (You can check that out here). For sound files, Xdrive only accepts MP3s, so I have to convert the file this way.

To begin:

1. Visit Zamzar and you will be greeted by a page similar to this:

2. In the Step 1 area, select the original file you would like to convert by selecting Browse. Then find the file and click OK. I selected my .wav sound file.

If you would like, you can select more than one just by clicking Browse again. However, the files must all be in the same format and under 100 MB in size. The files you have selected appear below the steps.

3. In the Step 2 area, select what format you would like the output file to be in. I selected the MP3 format. Choose what you want though.

4. In the Step 3 area, enter your e-mail address to where the output file will be sent.

5. Finally, select the Convert button.

A dialogue box will appear. Select OK to confirm and begin your conversion.

6. A progress bar will then appear below.

When the bar reaches 100 percent.

7. Zamzar says to wait approximately 24 hours for the e-mail to be received. I received my e-mail, however, within one hour.

8. An e-mail should be in your Inbox with a download link inside. If you received an e-mail, skip to step number nine. If not, check your spam folder of your e-mail service. If you still cannot find the e-mail, reconvert your file and double check that you entered the correct e-mail address.

9. The e-mail message should look similar to this:

Just select the link and follow the instructions to download the file.

Zamzar currently supports many picture, document, movie and sound formats. It also supports some video formats that cell phones use. Zamzar may or may not support your cell phone, depending on what model your cell phone is. Zamzar is always adding new formats though and you can get the complete list of formats here. There you go. A simple way to convert practically any file!


~ Neil Patel