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ZenKEY – The Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut

How would you like to be able to have a keyboard key combination to open Word? Or go to a web browser with your favorite site automatically loaded? Or open your My Documents folder? How about shut down your PC? Even turn a sequence of keystrokes and actions into a single key press?

ZenKEY is an amazing Windows utility which has dozens of preloaded actions that you can access directly from ZenKey’s menu or bind to a keyboard stroke.

Once you install ZenKEY, an icon will appear on your desktop. By clicking on the icon (or the quick launch icon) you can access all the functions built into ZenKEY. You can bind any of these commands to a keyboard stroke by clicking on the ZenKEY icon, then click on ZenKEY>Configure ZenKEY. Here you can edit or add a keyboard shortcut using the drop down menu to select the key combination you would like to hit to activate the item you’ve selected from the list. It’s pretty simple!

ZenKEY also includes a Wizard (accessible by clicking on the ZenKEY icon, navigating to ZenKEY then Start ZenKEY Wizard) which guides you through a step by step method for adding new hotkeys, editing existing hotkeys or removing hotkeys.

ZenKEY Supports the following actions:

If you’ve ever needed a simple utility to access many common functions in your computer or a way to bind key keyboard keys to your most often used programs, folders or actions ZenKEY is the program for you.

Click here [1]to download ZenKEY.