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Zero to Three

Deployment of a parent can be very hard on a child; as can constantly moving around. Zero to Three is a site devoted to helping make those transitions easier for the entire family, as well as, helping you learn about the development of your children between the ages of 0 to three. I babysit for kids whose dad is deployed right now and I discovered this site through them.

I suggest you check out the Key Topics section, where you’ll find all sorts of information that the site provides. In that section, you can also narrow down the information by choosing Parents, Professionals, or Public Policy; this will allow you to select from a drop down menu of key topics for that area of interest.

As with most sites I found FAQ to be really helpful if I encountered a question. On the main page you’ll also find interesting articles under the What’s New heading.

This is an excellent parenting resource with a devotion to helping you understand your children better.