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ZipGenius 6

ZipGenius 6

Ever since the introduction of Windows XP and its internal zipping abilities, most third party compression programs have gone the way of the dinosaur. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a need for these third party zip programs, but the need is a little more specific or specialized, you might say. For example, Windows XP can’t inherently handle files compressed using the RAR format, which I have run across many times, which has forced me to find third party decompression programs that can handle the format.

Yes, XP has a zip or file compression service, but like most of Windows integrated components, it can be and has become improved upon. With today’s download, ZipGenius 6 [1] you will be blown away by the options available from a “good” zip program. Take a look for yourself, but I warn you, I would sit down first. This program will do things you never thought of with a normal zip program.

ARCHIVES HANDLING______________________________
· More than 20 archive types supported
Handles ZIP archives sized over 4 GB
· OpenOffice.org/StarOffice handling and optimization capabilities
· 4 modes to view file icons
· 2 ways to browse files: integral (as in WinZip®) or through folder view
· 5 compression levels (storage + 4 compression levels)
· Brutal+UPX additional compression level for ZIP-like archives: it uses the power of UPX to compress executable files like EXE, DLL, OCX
· Files list can be exported in 4 formats (HTML, CSV, XML, TXT)
· Can create self-extracting files (SFX) with advanced features that can even launch a setup procedure
· Smart Extract: extracts and organizes files
· History
· Can create Multivolume archives (Disk Spanning)
· Can repair damaged zip files, plus AutoTest
· Drag and drop supported
· Find files inside archives
· MultiOpen can make you handle more than archive at once
· 7-ZIP format supported
· Favorite folders
· Can install applications, themes for Windows XP and WinAmp/WMP skins
· File marker upon given criteria
· MD5 checksum control while testing an archive

INTERNET AND MOBILITY______________________________
· Can interoperate with PocketPC® mobile devices
· Can send archives through e-mail
· Can publish archives to Web
· FTPGenius XP (ftp client) – included in ZG Suite Edition setup only and also available as separate download
· Supports UU/XX/MIME/BASE64 encoding techniques

· User can choose the layout that fits his/her needs
· ZipGenius Starter: wizard-driven pre-configuration tool
· First Step Assistant
· Full Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003 shell integration
· Customizable context menu
· Highly customizable
· Explorer styled user interface, now with Common Task sidebar
· Menu items are grouped into sections
· Can show a grid in the files list
· Windows XP visual styles are supported

· TWAIN devices supported (scanner and digital cameras) in order to import and compress pictures
· Pictures preview
· Can install external compression programs
· ZG Update: automatic program update through the Internet
· Command line driven
· Cutter: a ZGTool to split large files in smaller parts

SAFETY AND PRIVACY_____________________________
· 4 encryption algorithms (CZIP 2.1, Rijndael AES, Blowfish, Twofish)
· Can create self-locking and self-erasing CZIP files + self-decrypting archives (SDA) in .EXE format
· Password Manager
· Backup features
· Can scan archives through an Anti-virus program
· Suspicious files can be detected
· Various privacy settings
· Can create and show zip file SIGNATURE

WOW, I told you this program was impressive. It does everything but get up and make you breakfast in the morning. Download it and give it a try. It has great backup features and Windows 98, Me can finally get rid of WinZip.

~ Chad