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Zipping Around the Word Screen

Zipping Around the Word Screen

So, I’m sure we all know about the Page Up and Page Down buttons in MS Word, right? They’re a quick and easy way to jump through a document, moving one screen space at a time and scrolling through the document as it goes.

But, what about a few other uses for the Page Up and Page Down buttons? Interested in seeing what else they can do?

Well, if you combine the Control key with the Page Down key, you will be moved to the top of the next page in your document.

Control + Page Up will move you to the top of the previous page in your document.

Also, if you’re looking in the current screen, without scrolling the document, Alt + Control + Page Up (or Down) is just the ticket.

Those key combinations will move the cursor from the top of the portion of your document currently on the screen down to the bottom. Plus, the document is never scrolled during this move.

You’re strictly working within the part of the document currently displayed. It’s just a quick way to move around the screen without moving too far through the document.

Zoom zoom!

~ April