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ZocDoc – Find A Doctor Online

ZocDoc is a cool free service that helps you find a doctor quickly and make an appointment so that you can get to feeling better sooner. You can learn more about the site in the About Us [1] section.

There are a couple different ways that you can find a doctor on this site. You can use the handy search from and select Doctor or Dentist by Specialty, and then add your zip code and insurance provider. Or you can scroll down a little on the page and use Find Doctors by section which lets you pick just from location, specialty, or insurance. And beneath that you have another option to search by Name, Practice, Procedure, Reviews, Hospital, or Language.  

Just wanting to try it out, I put my zip code in the search engine. It brings up search results that have the doctor’s photo, location, and availability.  You can then click the Book Online button to book an appointment for yourself. 

If you run into any questions, make sure to check out their extensive FAQ. You can find it here. [2] 

http://www.zocdoc.com/ [3]