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Zoom in MS Excel

Ever find yourself staring at a section of and Excel worksheet and feeling your eyes cross as you look and look for something in particular.

All those cells, all those numbers… I can feel the headache coming on now… it can just be too much sometimes!

Want a quick way to view that range of cells up close and personal? Maybe a way that doesn’t require you to enlarge the font or mess around with the zoom too much?

Sounds like a plan to me so let’s take a look at a possible solution to stop the headache.

Excel has a zoom function that will automatically zoom in as much as possible on a selected range of cells – something along the lines of turning this:


into this:


Ready to explore our zooming options?

Good let’s get to it.

As almost always happens, we’ll need two sets of directions so let’s start with older versions of Excel.

You’ll need to start by selecting the cells that we need to enlarge.

Now we’re off the to View menu, Zoom choice.


When the Zoom dialog box opens choose Fit selection and click OK.

To reverse the zoom either return to the View menu, Customize choice and choose 100% or you could use the zoom setting on the Standard toolbar or, if you haven’t done anything else you can use Undo.

Now for those of you with Excel 2007.

First select the cells that you need to zoom in to see.

Now on the View tab of the Ribbon click the Zoom to Selection button.


Use the 100% button (left of the Zoom to Selection button) to return to your normal view.

Yep – it’s that easy to get up close and personal with your Excel worksheets… no more headaches for you!