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Zoom Slide Thumbnails in PowerPoint

How often do you find yourself squinting while using MS PowerPoint’s slide sorter view? (I know that when I’ve got some major slide rearrangement to do it’s my view of choice.)

Those slides can be pretty tiny and if they resemble each other too much, it gets even harder to distinguish one from the other.

Looking for an easy way to make the thumbnails in the slide sorter a little larger? Or maybe a lot larger!

Well, today, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you to try.

The first is to use the zoom field / zoom slider.

If you have an older version of PowerPoint then you’re looking for the zoom field which is located in the toolbars at the top.


For my PowerPoint 2007 users you’ll find a slider for the zoom feature in the bottom right corner of your program window.


I found that I could change the value to anything from 20 percent on up to 100 percent.

Another option I’d like to discuss is for those who love the use the mouse scroll wheel.

If you place your mouse pointer over the slides on the screen, hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the wheel, you’ll find that the slide size zooms in and out.

Either way, you can put an end to your slide sorter squinting forever!