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Zoom Using the Scroll Wheel

Are you tired of trying to read that fine print on your computer screen? I know I am. At least I used to be.

In the past, if you wanted to adjust the view (zoom in or out) in a document or a web browser, you would have to navigate through several menus and submenus. Today, Microsoft and OpenOffice have simplified this process with sliders found in the lower right corner of documents, but if you’re looking for an even simpler way, I can help you out.

We previously published an article about using the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in Power Point, but this trick can also be used in other Microsoft Office applications and OpenOffice documents. Furthermore, it works on most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. It probably also works in lots of other places I haven’t tried.

In Vista and Windows 7, you can zoom by holding the Ctrl key and rolling the scroll wheel on your mouse.

When the Ctrl key is held and the scroll wheel is rolled forward (away from you), the view size, including text and images is increased. With the Ctrl key pressed, roll the wheel backward (towards you) and the view size is decreased.

In the first image below, using the web browser, Chrome, the scroll wheel was rolled backward (zoom out), in the second image, the wheel was rolled forward (zoom in).



Whether you’re reading this in your email (it also works in many email clients), in a document, or on the web, give it a try.

Note: If this is being used in a browser window, and you’d like to return the window to normal size, hold the Ctrl key and tap the 0 (that’s zero) key (Ctrl+0).