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Molly from Dearborn asks:

I often search the Internet for images to post on Facebook, or exchange with friends, but I’d like to be able to edit them first. Do you have any suggestions?

That’s a good question Molly, and ZoomInto offers an answer. ZoomInto is a free and lightweight browser add-on, designed to quickly edit and post Internet .jpg images. When they’re ready to go, the images can be saved, emailed, or sent directly to a favorite social networking site.

Note: Please remember that all posted images belong to someone, and many are copyrighted.

Installation is easy. Just go to http://zoominto.com/ [1] and click the orange Free Download button next to your favorite browser. Video instruction is also available on the download site.

For this article, it was installed in Internet Explorer 9.


In IE, if ZoomInto doesn’t start automatically, the add-on may have to be enabled. To do that, select Manage add-ons from the Tools menu.


In the Manage Add-ons window, select Toolbars and Extensions and, if the status of Zoominto is Disabled, click the Enable button in the lower right corner.


To begin the editing process, scroll the cursor over a web image, and click the little (and somewhat annoying) magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner of the image.


If the icon doesn’t appear, right-click on the image and select Zoom Into from the menu.


Either will open the editor, where tools can be found above the image. Below, Text was selected from the Create menu.


Type a message into the text box at the left and select font, size, and style. Then click the Go button. Once text is added, simply click on it to open the Text Properties box to edit the text further. While Text Properties is open, text can also be dragged around the image. Click OK once the edit is complete.


Options from the Edit menu are displayed below. I recommend taking some time to play around here. My experimentation required frequent use of the Undo button.


Navigation tools are found at the bottom of the screen. Zoom in and out with the slider, or by clicking the plus and minus signs. Move around the image with the arrows, by dragging the image itself, or by dragging the highlighted section within the navigation window.


Once editing is done, the image can be saved to your computer, printed, or shared.


When sending an image, a dialog box will appear, requesting a photo name. Depending on where the image is being sent, further requests will appear in a subsequent dialog box (signing into a social network, etc.).


If you’re fortunate enough to have an audience to whom you’d like to express gratitude for their remarkable patience, that sentiment can be saved, uploaded, and shared with them.